Basic SEO Optimization For Your Website

All websites want to boost their visibility on search engines. Google is designed to deliver the most accurate results for searchers. It is key to design your site with Google in mind. Companies that implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices and keep their search engine marketing practices up-to-the-minute succeed in getting traffic to their site. Many of the factors that can increase your ranking is within your control. Here is some basic on SEO Optimizations for your site.


For a website to be ranked as the most relevant webpage it needs content with the right keywords. There are several website that help you to research keywords. Optimized content with the keywords so that Google (or another search engine) can see how well your page answers a searcher’s intent. Research keywords that fit your website and focus on keywords that have a large search volume already exists. Your goal is for your page to be the best possible page on the Internet for your target audience.

Planning content

Keyword optimization is putting your keyword information to use in your content. Once you have your content crafted with keywords you want to organize it in to help find related content. This encourages visitors to stay on your site longer. Search engine traffic should not be your main goal. Any initial gains in search engine traffic will be lost when the potential customers finding your content is low-value. This low-value content will also cause a high bounce rate and low conversions.

Page Content

Google needs relevant content to get those visitors to your product pages. This is important for any retail e-commerce site. The title tag and Meta data are often the first interaction a customer will have with your products, so make them count. Include long-tail keywords from your research in descriptions, make sure you utilize internal links to bolster key pages, and use headers to make points stand out.

Types of content

Blogs and articles

A blog is one of the easiest ways to create SEO content. Blog posts are engaging and more likely to attract links than product pages. Blogs that help your customers learn more about your industry are more engaging and are a great way to build some authority for your brand. Beyond blogs posting news article, interview, or feature pieces are great to attract visitors.


Depending on what type of site or business you run, videos can be a great way to attract and reach an audience. Consider creating video tutorials of how to use your products. Make a how to video to illustrate a process that is related to your business. Include a text transcript of your video for SEO optimization.

These are just some of the basic types of SEO optimization and content for your website, but don’t let this list limit you – the possibilities are endless. Content marketers have a lot to keep up with when you consider the 200 ranking factors outlined by Google. Your goals will determine what types of content you should focus on.

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