Maximize Your Content Marketing

Content marketing success starts with knowing your target audience. You want your content to attract potential customers. If you are not using the writing for the correct marketing your marketing content will be a waste. Here are some techniques to help you combine the right audience with the right content.

Your product or service

What problems does you company’s product or service solve? You understand why your product or service exists. Your content should be directly related to that purpose. If your content is not connected to your mission, it doesn’t belong in your content marketing.

Current customers

Who are your current customers? Who buys your product or service? Ask your company’s executives or sales teams for this information. It may be helpful to segment your types of customers. Build categorize based on location, budget, or needs. Use this information as a base to build your content marketing.


Who is my competition? You know who your obvious competitors are, but have you researched on Google and social media for upstart competition you may not have been aware of. Searching keywords that are related to your industry to see which businesses come up. Browse their “About Us” pages and feature descriptions. This is an easy way to develop an idea of who is your current competition.

What makes your business different?

What makes your product or service stand out? What do customers stand to gain from choosing you? Do you have features that your competitors don’t offer? The best products are built with features your customers will actually use. This requires that you understand their problems and frustrations, and your product solves those problems, and more problems than your competition. Build your contend to highlight your additional features. Why your audience should choose your product instead of your competition.

Planning content

Establish a schedule for this content and displaying upcoming publishing schedules on a monthly calendar. As you choose content, you want to make sure that content is useful to your audience. Clicks, shares, and page views are great, but being a trusted resource will earn you loyal customers. Write your content core and focus on what your target audience really wants to hear about. However, it’s not all you should write about. You should also spend time writing about the ideas that surround these topics.


Google analytics provides every website owner with powerful insight into use for quickly determine the demographic of your most active users and determine the topics that they respond to most. This little tidbit of information can actually tell you a lot about what they like and want to hear about. This will indicate what your audience enjoys to read so they keep coming back.

Your website can benefit from content marketing with a bit of planning and research. Using these tip can help you to get results. The right content for the right audience will drive traffic to your site. Start today with Google Analytic. Contact us to find out more.

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