Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your PPC Campaign

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can drive targeted traffic to your website. But some basic PPC mistakes can derail your efforts. Google AdWords can generate huge amounts of revenue by with the right actions. Here are some tips on what mistakes to avoid when planning your PPC campaign.

Landing page

When a visitor clicks on your PPC listing, you want them to take the next step. Limit the number of actions the visitor can make once they reach your landing page. Too many options for a visitor can prevent them from taking that next step. When you give visitors too many options, they’re likely to get sidetracked or confused and take no action at all.

Update goals

You’ll never get awesome results unless you try different strategies and tactics. PPC campaigns should have a quantifiable short- or medium-term goal in mind. Campaigns are a great way to generate buzz for new products, services, or special issues. These campaigns should be updated to remain in line with your company’s goals. Failing to keep your campaign update can closes the door on results that could take your PPC marketing program to the next level.


Including extensions with your ads can boost performance. Including ad extensions can help you provide more relevant information for the searcher and improve your ad performance. Sitelinks can capture visitors with different messages to capture visitors who might otherwise not have clicked on the ad. Sitelinks will help you stand out from the competition and may even help rank your ads higher.

Settings for success

Opt out of the Google Display network if you are just getting started. The Display Network includes partner sites such as AOL.com and Ask.com. They will display your ads across thousands of sites, but if you are working with a constrained budget it can deplete it quickly. This can also compromise your sites visibility on Google.com.

Target locations

Google Adwords sets your campaign to run nationally by default. If you’re a localized business, only ship or provide service to a specific geographic location, it is best to customize the location settings. Use Local Searches to your advantage and always set-up the settings of each campaign.

You can improve your PPC campaigns success with these simple tips. PPC is an excellent tool that can drive targeted traffic to your website. Make your PPC work for you.

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